1Samuel, Chapter 2a.

? Shaving.

There are many ways the world celebrates children arrivals, and some are damn fascinating.

The Luhya of Kenya and the Pakistan who border India shave their kids as part of the early ceremonial rituals.

Drinking and wetting the baby’s head is the standard thing in Britain.

Hindus serve lots of food and play games. During the annaprashana, prayers are recited as the baby gets weaned into food-tasting.

In Vietnam, Singapore, China and Indonesia, one month of bedrest and celebrations crown the coming of a baby.

? Spend.

One common denominator in all the baby celebrations around the world is usually to welcome a baby as part of the family officially.

People spend time, money, food and treasure to plant children in homes, homesteads, villages and societies.

Now, what happens when you give birth to a unique child? You know that God has claimed this child from the womb!

You know that this child is a sacrifice, and that you must lay him at the altar of the Lord!

? Song.

Hannah does unleash a fantastic song in the moment of the great exchange of her son.

Her song has seven significant contrasts which we’ll discuss later but today, let it suffice to register this kingdom culture of celebration.

Hannah parts with her child with singing! She is no longer sad. She’s so happy to fulfill her vow to God that she breaks forth into an eternal album.

Those who celebrate small wins eventually keep celebrating higher and better things throughout their life.

She who was barren was now laughing at the proud Peninahs, though she never gloated nor mentioned names.

? Siblings.

Ombea Adui Yako!

Pray for your enemies to live long. Afterwards, when they witness the doings of the Lord in your life, you’ll be vindicated in their eyes!

Because Hannah kept her bargain with God and gave Samuel away with a celebration song, God was so touched by her Faith that he gave her five more children after Samuel! Guess what Peninah was going through!

That’s the power of giving to God joyously!

? Submission.

?It’s not easy to give away your child to anyone apart from the only one worthy person to whom we can entrust our children.
?The celebration over our children is best done as it touches on God’s eternal plans and purposes.
?Our children not only belong to our marriage, family or village. They belong to something bigger than our traditions, customs, cultures and community.
?They belong to the kingdom of a great King. What an honour to give your child to serve the King of Kings all his days!
?Children are the future Kings and Priests unto our God, and they’ll reign forever.
?God can take care of our children better than we can, and has a better plan for them than we do.
?Joyous handing over of our children to God shuts the mouth of the enemy.
?One reason the words of Sam never fell on the ground, and why his integrity is yet unrivalled in the OT is because, he cultivated God’s presence from the age of three!
?Nothing beats godly socialization of children early in life.

? HBT.
Leadership and Parenting with Integrity.

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