1Samuel, Chapter 1a.

? Spat!

The anointed bully!
She rants.
She goads.
She taunts.
She hurts.
She cuts!

Peninah drives me up the wall.
Peninah drives me crazy.
She sprays pepper in my eyes.
Peninah runs me down!

Peninah will not shut up.
She’s loud. She’s nuts.
She says I’m good for nothing.

Peninah rubs it in.
Year after year she tells the world,
“Hannah is a dry well! Hannah is a fruitless tree!”

? Special.

I need an enemy
Who drives me to my knees!
I need a Peninah in my life!

Peninah drives me to tears,
But God will use the tears to grant me cheers!
Peninah expands my misery.
Peninah triples my pain!
Peninah makes me pray!

Peninah drives me to Fast,
And though my body is weak,
My soul gets robust!

I need Peninah!
I need an enemy!
A special enemy,
Crafted from Heaven.

? Solution.

I need an enemy,
Who goads & haunts me
Who bruises & injures me
As long as it brings the gold!

I don’t want a silent hater!
I want a foul-mouthed hater.
I need an abusive witch.
Let her bring her worst arsenal.

I need a poisonous Peninah.
I want to swallow her venom and gulp down her toxins.
It will open my womb!
She’s the catalyst I need!

Peninah works me up!
Peninah stirs me up!
Peninah kills my laziness!
Peninah gives me the rush…
I rush to God and bang His door!

? Satan.

Every great dream has a Peninah!
Moses had Pharaoh!
Elijah had Jezebel!
David had King Saul!
John had Herodias!
Jesus had Pharisees!
Paul had a thorn!
A messenger of Satan.

I need a Peninah
To drive me up my throne
I need a Peninah
To push me into Prayer
I need a Peninah
To get serious with God
I need a Peninah
To realize the power of Fasting!

? Secret.

I need a Peninah
To confront my barrenness!
I need a Peninah,
To drive me into my solutions!
I need a Peninah
To provoke me to focus!

Peninah’s jeers,
Will destroy my unpleasant status quo!
Peninah’s taunts,
Will turn my irritations into pearls!
Peninah’s rants,
Will destroy my comfort zone forever,
Peninah’s words,
Carry the secret to my Miracle!

Silent haters don’t mean a thing!
I want a fiery flying serpent of a Peninah.
I want a double-tongued snake all around.
Harrass me Peninah!
Scandalize me!
Ruin my party at home
Get me running to the throne of Grace!

I want to be kept on my toes!
When the enemy bullies me,
I turn to God, who is a bully-tamer!

? Samuel.

Without a crazy Peninah,
Samuel will yet tarry
If my Samuel must come,
My Peninnah must be in place
If I embrace Peninah,
I’ll cradle my Samuel!

Provoke me Peninah!

? HBT.
Leadership and Parenting with Integrity.

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