1Samuel, Chapter 1b.

? Stone.

A fate worse than death is the inability of a woman to have and to hold her own child!

Skonya is the Aribe’s phrase that means “the cry of the barren-stone womb.”

The phrase captures the desperation that goes along the inability to bring a child into the world.

The pain of a barren womb drove the beautiful Rachel to nag a mouthful that infuriated Jacob:

Give me a child, or I die!

? Suffering.

Globally, more than 80 million couples suffer from infertility. In Europe, fertility rates have plummeted!

Whereas Europe and America don’t mind an elderly population, in Africa and the East, childlessness is like a death sentence.

Despite the medical diagnosis of the cause, generally, women face the brunt of the negative consequences associated with infertility.

Many women suffer untold psychosocial chaos:
?? Personal grief
?? Public shame
?? Social stigma
??Low self Esteem
??frustration of trying
?? Impatience with God/gods
??Loss of Faith
??Loss of Husbands
??Loss of friends
??Ostracism & Isolation
??Serious economic deprivation.
??Abuse & Battery

? Societies.

Among the Ekiti of Southwestern Nigeria, infertile women are treated as outcasts.

When they die, unceremoniously, their bodies are buried on the outskirts of the town in the common cemetery of the mad people!

It’s another way of saying, “If you don’t get a baby, you’re raving mad!”

Among the Bangangte of Cameroon, the infertile woman is divorced and disinherited. Her access to home, land and property is denied.

To chase the devil of barrenness, an elaborate ritual known as kabsa is done in Egypt as a form of fertility-producing therapy.

Among the Israelites, suffering comes to a head when Peninah crosses the path of Hannah.

? Shiloh.

A one lady-legion terrifies the barren Hannah and drives her into her Shiloh. Shiloh is God’s presence!

The mixed homestead of Hannah becomes a war zone of spiritual and social status. Something must give.

Year after year, Hanna is trapped by a womb that refuses to conceive.

Even after prayers, walks to Shiloh and sacrifices, nothing is happening. More tears! More jeers!

Peninah, her nemesis, seems to be popping out kids annually. Her proximity to the object of her scorn gives her the status of the anointed bully! She drives Hannah, crazy!

Hannah’s miracle lies somewhere. She is 100% sure of this!

No other society knows this secret of getting babies from God’s temple(Apart from the wizards/witchdoctors seekers who must pay dearly for their dark consulting in the shrines).

Hannah tenaciously bangs at Heaven’s door.

? Sacrifice.

Now, left to her own mind, I don’t think she would have pulled off the stunt that follows!

From the depth of her womb came such a desperate revelation that she got ready to bargain with the God of the universe.

“Lord, give me a child, and I will surrender the same to you!”

And that did it! God heard. God answered.

? Secrets.

?Hannah knew who is who!
?Hannah refused to focus on Peninah.
?Hannah respected God’s house.
?Hannah honoured God’s priest.
?Hannah practised Private prayer.
?Hannah attended corporate worship.
?Hannah knew if you badly need it, God needs it too!
?Hannah kept her bargain with God.
?Hannah worshipped.
?Hannah believed God had heard, and she cast away her sadness.
?God gave her more than she bargained for. 5 more children!
?Those who give God everything, get more and above everything!

? HBT.
Leadership and Parenting with Integrity.


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