1st Samuel. Summary.

? Sad.

A man is married to two wives, and one is a bully. Oh, Peninah bullies Hannah, and it’s driving her crazy!

? Sleepless.

A boy begins hearing voices in the night and keeps waking up the old priest Eli from his sleep! It’s driving the old’ man crazy!

? Scandalous.

The ageing priest has two sons, and both of them are sleeping around with church women. It’s driving everyone crazy!

? Samuel.

Prophet Samuel’s begins Divine errands by hearing God’s voice. He delivers a judgment on Eli’s family that ends his tenure and kills his sons. Israel gets judged too, and the ark of God gets captured.

This misfortune drives people crazy, and they start clamouring for a King. And it’s driving Samuel crazy!

? Saul.

Samuel anoints two kings, and the first king drives God crazy!

When you drive God crazy, he sends crazy demons to drive you crazy too!

Now Saul is crazy and needs music therapy to soothe the craziness!

David is conscripted to provide musical therapy to soothe the madness of a crazy King!

? Snubbed.

Samuel anoints David “the better King” after God rejects Saul for his extracurricular activities and unwanted services.

? Soldiers.

Goliath is another bully in the valley of Elah daring every soldier to fight him. It’s driving all the fighters of Israel crazy.

Every soldier says, “NO, Thanks!”

David offers to fight the bully, and everyone thinks he’s crazy!

? Sling & Spears.

Crazily, David kills Goliath and becomes insanely popular, and it makes King Saul crazily Jealous!

The crazy jealous King Saul must now aim his madness at the famous musician!

Saul starts playing dangerous darts with his royal spear. David is the target. It’s driving David Crazy.

It’s crazy to stay at such a crazily dangerous job! After David dodges the King’s deadly darts severally, he knows he must not only resign, but crazily flee!

? Series.

David and Saul create a fantastic crazy chase series that stretches from land to caves to hills to valleys and rocks and sea. David is chased like a dog!

Within the adventurous flight, David builds a strong army on flight mode.

Oops! The chase can’t run forever. Something has to give. Saul and Jonathan die in a clash of Titans that ushers David into his promised throne.

? Sequel

Welcome to another run into crazy kings!

? HBT.
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